Are you insured? I sure am! I’m happy to provide you with a certificate of insurance.

What type of stilts do you use? There are multiple names for the type of stilts that I use. The most common names are circus stilts or peg stilts. They do not have a flat bottom like dry wall stilts. Therefore, the movements used are more elegant and dance-like in order to keep balance. I also use arm stilts!

How long have you been performing on stilts? I have been performing professionally since 2005. That’s FOURTEEN years!!!

How far do you travel? I am based out of Derby City, Louisville, Kentucky. I would be more than happy to travel long distances for a reasonable traveling fee especially for those desiring a stilt walker in Italy, New Zealand, and the far away distant city of Bardstown, Kentucky!

I would love fire breathers, aerials, jugglers, balloon twisters, and the whole shabang to make event the best ever. Do you know any? I sure do! I know the best entertainers Louisville has to offer! I would love to make your event magical with all the death defying acts. Let’s talk!

I have heard that you give discounts to garden centers and nurseries. Is this true and how do I sign up? When I am not performing, I farm by method of permaculture. I have an orchard, ducks, chickens, and bees. Needless to say, I love blending performance with my green thumb! For the month of April, I trade performing on stilts/face painting for plants. If your garden center would like to participate, please message or call for further details.

I have a wonderful event with thousands of attendees, will you perform for free/exposure? As cool as your event sounds, I do not perform for free or for exposure. Stilt walking is the best job in the world, but I still have it to put food on the table for my family.